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Project Description

Alternative Provisions and Curriculum Enrichment

  • Enhance social and emotional wellbeing
  • Develop each child’s confidence and social skills
  • Build self-esteem
  • Encourage children to interact and make new friends
  • Seek enjoyment through trying new and exciting things

Coppicewell Farm

Taking students on vocational provision, alternative provision and curriculum enhancement programmes.

Students will be involved in tasks such as animal grooming and care, farm maintenance, planting and development of land.

Qualifications in Animal Care and Gardening available along with Personal Development programmes utilising the amazing facilities of a working farm

Located in Bulkington.

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Coombe Abbey Country Park

Landbased qualifications, Gardening qualifications and Personal Development Programmes based in the country park.

Our Land Based Operations course is for both Key Stage 3 and 4 students that have a desire to enhance their personal development whilst gaining the basic skills and knowledge to pursue a career in agriculture and horticulture. Students will work in small groups with a team of specialist staff that have a combination of industry and teaching experience.

The practical nature of the course allows students the opportunity to study in an alternative learning environment where the delivery plan is often determined by the seasons.

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Arley Sports Centre

Personal Development and Sports and Fitness programmes.

We deliver group based Personal Development programmes which can address the following: • Emotional Intelligence • Confidence and Self Esteem • Resilience • Coping Strategies • Positive Relationships • Core Values • Effective Communication • Actions and Consequences • Raising of Aspirations.

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All provisions are run by a team of specialist staff with industry and SEN specialists.

Functional Skills Matth & English also available.

For more information please contact – Cheryl Monaghan | Head of Alternative Provision

T. 07753 338073

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